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30/06/2015 09:06

5 great ways to celebrate Canada Day in Edmonton, Alberta

July 1 is Canada Day, the day that we celebrate Canada’s birthday.  Across the country, everyone comes out to share pride in our country and celebrate some of the things that make Canada a great place to study, work , and live:...

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26/06/2015 12:18

International festivals that you can enjoy in Edmonton, Alberta this summer

Edmonton is known as a “Festival City” because it hosts so many celebrations and special events throughout the year. In fact, did you know that National Geographic recently named Edmonton one of one of the world’s Best Summer Trips 2015?...

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19/06/2015 09:57

5 more Edmonton landmarks that you should visit

In a previous post, we featured 6 Edmonton landmarks that you should visit but we didn’t want to leave these out, so here is part 2! Landmark: an object or feature of a landscape or town that is easily seen and recognized from a distance, especially...

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12/06/2015 10:02

7 things that you can do in the Main Quad at UAlberta

Welcome to the Main Quad on the UAlberta North Campus! A "Quad” is basically a big beautiful park in the middle of the campus. The word “Quad” comes from the word “quadrangle,” which means a flat shape with four sides… or in this case, a flat space...

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04/06/2015 13:33

5 amazing natural sights that you need to see in Alberta, Canada

The province of Alberta, Canada is a really beautiful place.  Alberta is home to major cities such as Edmonton (home of the University of Alberta) as well as incredible natural beauty. It is pretty amazing how different all of these landscapes...

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