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28/04/2015 10:29

5 places you can get to on the Edmonton subway (LRT)

The subway in Edmonton is called the “LRT,” which stands for “Light Rail Transit.” There is only one subway line in Edmonton right now, but the city is currently building more lines. The University of Alberta North Campus has two LRT (subway)...

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21/04/2015 14:33

6 Edmonton landmarks that you should visit

Landmark: an object or feature of a landscape or town that is easily seen and recognized from a distance, especially one that enables someone to establish their location. When you come to study at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta,...

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14/04/2015 15:28

Get to Know Canadian Traditions and Activities

When you’re studying at UAlberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, you’ll experience some holidays and traditions that will be completely new to you. We’ve listed some helpful information about Canadian traditions, so you’ll be prepared to have fun at...

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13/04/2015 13:52

6 Great Things at UAlberta You May Not Have Known About

1) Bike Library and Workshop Want to get around Edmonton fast and in an environmentally friendly way? You can rent a bike for up to 1 month or get free assistance fixing things on your own bike at the Bike Library and Workshop located in UAlberta’s...

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08/04/2015 10:56

9 Cafes On or Near Campus

Most students love coffee or tea! So, whether you need to wake up before class or have a comforting hot tea while studying, there are plenty of options on or near UAlberta’s North campus.     Cookies By George This little shop is a...

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