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How to celebrate Canada's big year if you come to UAlberta in 2017!

  There's never been a better time than 2017 to come to UAlberta and make the most of your Canadian experience! Canada is turning 150 on July 1st, and yes we are celebrating all year round! As an international student, you have a unique opportunity to explore the Canadian culture and learn...
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  Are you new to UAlberta? Wondering how you can adapt to the food culture while studying here? Well, you might not know that Edmonton is home to over 50 international cultures and 70 ethnic groups. Each year, the city hosts some of Canada's top food festivals, allowing international students...
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Quick facts that might surprise you about UAlberta

UAlberta’s main campus is located centrally in the capital city of Edmonton. This campus boasts a great urban lifestyle with a beautiful, surrounding natural environment. Not only is the expansive river valley right beside our main campus, but downtown (the main cultural hub of Edmonton) is only a...
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